Inclement weather may occasionally result in a cancellation of transportation services, or on very rare occasions the early dismissal or closure of schools. The decision to cancel transportation services is taken very seriously and follows the administrative procedure defined in the CLASS Inclement Weather Policy.

There are eight weather zones within the region of Lambton and Chatham-Kent. Weather conditions may require cancellations in specified zones only. School buses will not pick up students who reside in a closed weather zone, will not provide service to a school located in a closed weather zone, and will not travel through a closed weather zone with students. To find your home, travel, and school weather zones; please visit the Parent Portal. (Please note that the zone information will be found under the “Properties” tab.)

If a bus is cancelled in the morning due to snow, ice or freezing rain, it will be cancelled for the entire day and will NOT transport students home at the end of that day. If a bus is cancelled in the morning due to fog, it will operate at the end of the day to transport students home.

For a description of each weather zone, including schools in that weather zone, please click the zone links below.

Zone 1 – Forest, Grand Bend, Watford, Wyoming
Zone 2 – Sarnia, Point Edward
Zone 3 – Corunna, Mooretown, Brigden, Courtright
Zone 4 – Petrolia, Oil Springs, Alvinston, Inwood
Zone 5 – Wallaceburg, Port Lambton, Sombra, Wilkesport
Zone 6 – Dresden, Ridgetown, Thamesville, Bothwell
Zone 7 – Tilbury, Blenheim, Wheatley, Pain Court
Zone 8 – Chatham

You can subscribe to receive push notifications on your smart phone by subscribing to *WEATHER CANCELLATIONS* in the MySBI mobile app. If you are affected by a weather zone closure, it ALWAYS overrides bus run delays.