The Government of Ontario has stated that the Broader Public Sector (BPS) plays an important role in helping Ontario meet its conservation targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition to the annual reporting requirements under O. Reg. 397/11, all BPS organizations must develop a five-year conservation plan and publish the plan on their websites.  These plans are required to be updated every five years as well.

CLASS supports our Boards fulfill this planning requirement by assisting with the development of the conservation plans.  We also leverage our expertise to provide the Boards with high value energy conservation initiative proposals and assist with incorporating energy efficient elements into capital improvement projects to help achieve the conservation goals.

By constantly seeking out conservation opportunities for the Boards and by working collaboratively on initiatives, together we are able to maximize the conservation efforts with both Boards in the district.

To view the Five Year Conservation Plans for the Boards, click the links below:

Lambton Kent District School Board
St. Clair Catholic District School Board