The following rental categories, also referred to as permit types, determine priority of use and rental fees. To be eligible to be classified in a specific category certain documentation must be provided.

Category 1

Youth programs for Lambton Kent residents, run by not-for-profit organizations.

Category 2

Youth programs for Lambton Kent residents, run by community groups on a volunteer basis.

Category 3

Community programs for Lambton Kent residents, run by not-for-profit organizations.

Category 4

Special events, for residents & non-residents, run by not-for-profit organizations, such as sports tournaments and coaches' clinics. 

Category 5

Community programs run on a volunteer basis, which do not meet other categories, such as non-affiliated adult sports leagues. 

Category 6

Programs run for private or corporate gain, or organizations that could otherwise rent/own their own facility using space on a regular basis, such as weekly church services.

The Rental Fees/Categories document provides a quick overview on rental fees, for all categories.
Unsure which category, or ‘permit type’ your rental falls under? The ‘permit type guide’ may help.

Other administrative fees

Permit Alteration Fee – $40 charge for requested additions to approved permits
Insurance Processing Fee – $40 charge to purchase insurance (per permit)
AV Tech Booking Fee – $50 (per permit)
No-Show Fees – $55 + unsubsidized rental/custodial costs (if applicable)
Late Cancellation Fee – $25 (if less than 3 days’ notice provided)
Misuse After-Hours # – $50 + call-out charges (if applicable)

All fees are subject to HST and are non-refundable.
Appeals for administrative fee exemptions/reductions will not be granted. 


We are happy to announce that CLASS now accepts Interac e-Transfer payment for Community Use of Schools rentals! The process is simple, convenient, and secure. All you need is an email address, or a valid Canadian mobile number – and an eligible bank account with a participating Canadian financial institution.

How to complete an Interac e-Transfer payment:

  • Log into your bank account
  • Locate Interac e-Transfer, usually in the Transfer/Payments menu
  • Set-up CLASS as a new contact –
  • Enter the payment amount
  • Select the account you want to pay from
  • Include your full name and the permit # in the message field
  • There is no need for a security question, Community Use is set-up to receive your payment securely with autodeposit
  • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction

CLASS Rental Office will receive email notification when your payment has been received and the payment will be recorded to your account.

Payments can also be made by Visa or Mastercard via your school rental booking account. If you don’t want to add a credit card to your account you can call the Rental Office @ 1-877-887-4025 and we can process your payment over the phone.

When will my credit card be charged? A Permit Application Fee is charged when an application is approved. If you asked to purchase insurance, then the cost of the insurance and the Insurance Processing fee will also be charged when the application is approved, as will the AV tech booking fee, if you requested tech support for an auditorium rental. In some cases. If there are continuous dates in your application then rental & custodial costs will be charged the last day of the month for dates used within that month, if your rental is for an event and not a long-term consistent rental then rental & custodial costs are charged the first day of the month in which the event occurs. Other administrative charges, such as Permit Alteration Fees, Cancellations Fees etc. are charged to your card on the last day of the month in which they were incurred. You can log into your account at anytime to view your billing history or access an invoice or a payment receipt.


All permit processing administrative fees are non-refundable. Permit holders who wish to change or cancel a permit must do so at least 3 business days prior to the permitted date to receive a full refund for rental/custodial fees paid. Groups who cancel permits with less than 3 business days’ notice will be required to pay 100% of the total permit cost. Refunds will be made, upon request, via the original method of payment, except for e-Transfer transactions. All refunds based on e-Transfer transactions will be paid via cheque reimbursement. Refunds will be completed within 60 days of the request.