Both of the school Boards have been focused on reducing energy consumption and seeking our innovative energy & environmental initiatives since well before the formation of Energy & Environmental shared services at CLASS in 2014.  In fact, there have been many energy conservation initiatives that may have “flown under the radar” to the general public as they may be less recognizable due to their nature.

One of the easily recognizable energy focused initiatives that has been completed within the district is the solar collector that was installed at Chatham Kent Secondary School (CKSS).  As part of this renewable energy technology initiative, solar collection panels were installed on approximately 30,000 square feet on a reinforced roof section of the school.  This solar collector project harvests natural daylight and converts it to usable power for the school facility and has the ability to supply energy to the power grid infrastructure.

You can view more information on the CKSS solar collector in real time here:

LKDSB Solar Panel